Finally getting started on my comic book project…

vlcsnap-2015-03-09-17h48m16s211I’ve been working on the idea for well over a year, I’ve had the thing scripted since October 2014 and I’ve even already cast and recorded some vocals for the animated version that I’m planning to put together further down the line.

The project is called ‘Unchronicled’ and you can read a little more about it on the latest projects page I’ve set up here. It’s an action/adventure/comedy story about a videogame fanboy that gets the chance to swap places with the hero from his favourite franchise.

I’ve tried to get several different comic book projects off the ground over the years and I always seem to hit a brick wall with the story. I’m thrilled at last to have finally got a full story fleshed out and scripted, and I’m super keen to get going.

I’m currently doing concept art and designs, but will get started on the pages pretty soon. When the time comes for the print run, I’ll be running a Kickstarter to get things going so stay tuned for updates here, twitter, tumblr and instagram.


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