Latest Projects

Unchronicled – Comic

I’m currently in the final art stage of my first ever comic book project ‘Unchronicled’. Unchronicled tells the story of a video-game fanboy named Roy, obsessed with his favourite game ‘Unchronicled’, who has the chance to swap places with the game’s leading man ‘Ethan Blake’.

Read up about the project fully on the ‘Unchronicled’ page here. Keep watching for updates on the blog here, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram.


Children’s Book Illustration

For some time now I’ve been working on the illustrations for a children’s book with writer Corinne Church. Although it’s been a super long project in the making, I’m finally getting the chance to really knuckle down with it and get it finished.

I’ll hold off the title release until the project is properly finished, but expect the announcement to come later this year, very possibly along with a pre-order or Kickstarter campaign so you can get yourself a copy.

Watch this space.

Secret Graphic Novel Project

Every now and then, out of the veritable ocean of non-stop story ideas that prods at my brain every day, an idea will rise up above the others and demand a little more attention.

My most recent project, (title as yet unannounced) is one such idea, and I’ve already begun scripting and concept art-ing. When I’ve got enough to show for a proper release then I’ll make a big annoucement and share around for everyone.

All I can say for now is that the project is going to be a graphic novel, and I’m itching to get it out to everyone as soon as possible. It will sit 3rd in line behind Unchronicled and the children’s book, but the wait will undoubtedly be short. This might just be the most excited about a project I’ve ever been.

Again, watch this space.
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