Wow. 2016 was…. eventful.

It set some significant milestones for me both personally and professionally. On the artwork side of things it saw the significant development of my work, the start of concept work for upcoming projects and launch of my debut comic book. These are foundations for what will continue into 2017 so I thought I’d take a moment to talk about what will be coming up in the year ahead.

Unchronicled Issues 2, 3 & 4

Roy from Unchronicled

Unchronicled Chapter 1: Grab Your Skirts was released in July 2016. It’s been an eventful 6 months since then, but Chapter 2: Exceptionally Gratuitous is on the way any will arrive by Spring 2017.

The plan is then for it to be followed by issues 3 & 4 so that the entire 4-part series is complete before the year is out.

I might look into creating a combined volume once the series is complete, including extra art, perhaps some extracts of the script etc. I’ll be doing some research throughout the year to see whether there is some interest for that, but for now watch this space for the rest of the Unchronicled story.

Art Videos & Tutorials

Several years ago I made a few speed drawing videos from the drawing of my webcomic Button Press. This year I’ll be reviving that habit and building on it to create a whole bunch of video based content surrounding artwork, art tutorials, advice and templates. This will also include ‘Create-A-Comic’ – a simple DIY ‘getting started’ style comic making kit.

I’ve been asking for input from my Facebook and Twitter followers for a little while now, as to what kind of subjects and questions I might cover with this. That forum for input will stay open going forward so that I can better tailor the content to suit the things people want to know.

New Webcomic: Iron Wilds

14242318_1758531961085284_2962531508553804123_oI’ve released a few doodles of some character designs for this, but I’m hoping to have made a start on putting the content itself together later in the year. Much is still in development and the early scripting stage, but it is to be a narrative comic in a kind of fantasy-industrial setting.


It’s an ambitious project, but an opportunity to start up again on a long-term narrative project that I can release on a regular scheduled basis. As much as I’m enjoying my comic book projects, I am looking forward to releasing narrative content on a more regular basis, and perhaps will even set up a Patreon to help support this.

I’ll be working throughout the year on full concept art and will share bits and pieces as I go. For more in-depth previews and updates, sign up to my mailing list.

New Art Collections

I’ll be working on some different art collections, with prints available for purchase. This is going to be a chance for me to explore some new artistic ideas and plans, with hopefully some pretty and enjoyable results for everyone to enjoy.



For updates on everything that I’m doing, follow me on social media and sign up for my mailing list.


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