It’s been a while since the last update and anyone following my various social media feeds will have seen a mixed up stream of various project updates, so I thought I’d clear a little bit of that up with a nice and simple update summary.

At any given moment I’m working on several projects at once, but over the last month I’ve been particularly focussed on 2:

Bear for Hire – Short Film


For anyone who didn’t see it, a couple of years ago I made a short film called Sincerely, Soldier Bear. It was made as part of a film contest to mark the centenary of WW1, and it won an award for Best Post-Production. The twist? The story was told using teddy-bears.

It was actually the second bear film I’ve ever made, the Youtube short ‘Lonely Bear‘ being the first. The itch to create a third led to the production of Hat Day Films’ current project: ‘Bear for Hire’.


IMG_20160507_152239I’ve teamed up with cinematographer Matt Clegg and Sabrina Carlotti of BriiMassacre Costumes, to produce a short sci-fi/noir film about a teddy-bear mercenary out on one of his morally questionable missions.

Starring the vocal talents of Jason Bruce Farries, the project has been making great progress and should hopefully be finished over the next few weeks, with an accompanying behind the scenes video too.

Unchronicled Issue #1: Grab Your Skirts


The finish line is in sight for my début comic book, with only a few pages left to do before I can send it off to the printers.

This means the pre-order is also imminent, with special pre-order-exclusive bonuses to be had. To celebrate the launch of the comic I’ll be spending the day down at my local comic shop The Grinning Demon, where you’ll be able to pick up your copy of issue #1.

Stay tuned on my social media feeds and check back here for the pre-order release at which point I’ll also set the official launch date.


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