So for the Sunday just gone I was exhibiting for the first time at Demoncon 9, a really cool little comic convention in Maidstone, Kent. Having attended the last con as a videographer, I was really excited to be there this time round with a table, and the experience didn’t disappoint!

10983423_10155291877125393_2392961026581683948_n I was sharing the table with my good friend and fellow artist Charli Torpedoes, who was also new to the convention scene and travelled all the way up from Cornwall to attend.

It was really awesome to get to speak to the community, to interact with other artists, and to have such a comfortable and friendly introduction to that scene.

I think I’m definitely going to make a habit of attending conventions as an artist, this was a really perfect convention for a newbie and I learned tonnes. I can’t wait to do another and see if I can put into practice what I learned this time round.

WP_20150215_004The thing that struck me was the great focus on and interest in independent comics and creatives. As a relatively unknown entity, it was so great for people to just come up to our table, and chat to us about our work, flip through our sketch books, offer their compliments for the pieces we had displayed and ask for commissions for things they wanted drawn, based on nothing more than what they had seen in front of them. It was very validating and at the same time, really interesting to see the things that appealed to people. There were pieces that I had spent a fair bit of time on that didn’t seem to stand out to people, while some of my sillier quick sketch book doodles were the subject of much more chat, and in some cases spurred an actual audible laugh and compliments with some serious conviction.

In response to this, I think I’m going to go back through my sketch book and really look at what’s there – suggestions from the attendees of things that they would love to have on a T-shirt, or tote bags may well come into being for the next convention I do.

Mostly, I’m just thrilled at the prospect of being able to entertain people, and since most of the work I display is online and the process is very solitary, it was so great to finally be out ther in the real world talking to the people who get to see it.




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