Dole Warriors – That’s a Wrap!

That’s a Wrap!

Well post-production is officially over! Dole Warriors is finished and has had its first test-screening, during which it was exceedingly well received!

Now, a few final tweaks are being made, it will be available to preview-level sponsors later this week and will be released publicly online on June 7th – A slightly later than originally planned release date, but we want to make sure the film is the best it can be before we unleash it upon the internet!

It’s a bit late in coming, but here’s a few more production photos and some info about the behind the scenes of the rest of production:

Our location shooting took place on the Truro College main campus; a stunning main building with impressive open lobbies, glass walkways and several fully glass walls 3 floors high, giving that perfect, modern setting for our film. For obvious reasons our bulk of shooting had to be done during the term holidays, which took a fair bit of logistical organizing, but meant that we had the full run of the building and had no issues with people wandering in the background of our shots Рa benefit not to be sniffed at for the average independent filmmaker. We were really lucky to be able to use the location so extensively and it really paid off, delivering  a sense of scale to the film that we might otherwise not have achieved.

Production was exceedingly fast-paced due to the time restraints of everybody’s availability, and unfortunately we ran over schedule and had to delay shooting certain scenes until weeks later. However, we soldiered through and wrapped our location shooting not too far behind schedule.

Our set shoot also made use of the Truro College facilities, by way of the fully kitted out production studio in which we assembled the Dole Warriors Studio set, with help from Sammie Stairs and our epic lead set artist Charli Bunce, who was also responsible for hand-painting some of the amazing looking prop guns affixed to the set.

We had outstanding performances from our cast members Danny Vincent, Steven Kelly, Jackson Leivers, Jonathan Hill, Peter McHugh and Bryn Oldfield, with a few cameo appearances from our DOP Tim Stratton, wardrobe assistant Corinne Church and Writer/Director, Vic Hill.

As an action short, there was a fair amount of stunt fighting that had to take place as the previous blog entry on the subject explained, and we were pleased to report that with just one exception, the fight scenes went off without a hitch or injury. The exception in question was to Danny Vincent, the fight choreographer who, as he is a trained first aider, was able to deal with the whole event himself! We are pleased to report there was no permanent injury and apart from a bump on his head and perhaps a dent in his pride, he is otherwise completely fine.

Also, we’re delighted to inform you that we will be holding a Q&A session with some of the key cast and crew in the coming weeks, and so we welcome gratefully your questions about the project. You can ask us anything (provided it’s not too rude) and we will answer in a videoed group chat, which will then be released as part of the behind the scenes material both on the Youtube Channel, and an extended version for Sponsors via private link. Feel free to submit as many questions as you like, either about what you know so far, or about the film after you’ve seen it. Questions can be left as a comment here, an email at, a Youtube or Facebook comment or messaged to director Vic Hill on her twitter @Iddstar.

For now we will leave you with that, but we will be sure to make an update by the weekend regarding post-production and VFX, but until then, here is trailer number 2 for the film, and the production photos.

(Production Photos by Joshua Alex Billington)


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