Dole Warriors Production Continues


It’s been an incredibly busy month! So busy in fact that there hasn’t been time until now to update you guys with our activities.

We’re almost finished with production, which has been a great amount of fun an we’re super happy with the results. We’ve welcomed on board our other key members of the cast, Jonathan Hill, Jackson Leivers, Pete McHugh, Bryn Oldfield and Steven Kelly.

We’ve been shooting both on location and also on set, and there has been a lot to get through. Our biggest challenge throughout production has been scheduling – with such busy people involved, production days have to be carefully selected, and the shooting schedules have to be very tightly made. Nevertheless scenes are being ticked off one by one and there’s only a few more shots to do before we wrap principal photography.

We’ve already begun the edit; with so much VFX work awaiting, it has been crucial to start cutting the footage we already have and begin the massive task of post production as early as possible, in order to make our deadline. Another reason to get editing straight away is so that we will be able to release a theatrical trailer ahead of the film’s completion, to give everyone a taste of what we’ve been working on.

In the meantime, here’s a few production stills from our most recent shoot, and some sneak-preview stills from the edit so far:









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