Dole Warriors is an action short and so, obviously, a big part of the rehearsal and prep for the shoot is rehearsing the stunt fighting.

The Hat Day crew is highly fortunate to have the benefit of working with Danny Vincent, who is not only our leading actor, but is also stepping into the shoes of ‘stunt choreographer’ for this production. Now, when we say ‘stunt’ we mean mostly fighting, but wherever extreme physical activity is involved in a shoot it’s highly important to have everyone trained properly in types of movement and how to hold themselves – one tense muscle in the wrong place can end up with personal injury.

Danny is trained in tae kwon-do, tang soo do, keysi fighting method, boxing and krav maga, not to mention his weapons training from small firearm to rifle (and even sword!), and he’s choreographed and appeared on stage and onscreen so we really are lucky to have him on board.

A fight rehearsal has multiple benefits, first obviously being that the cast are taught the safe way to perform the moves and have an opportunity to practice them until it looks really kick-ass! It’s also a great opportunity for the production team to decide how best to shoot the action; you get an understanding of the space and it’s also important for the crew to know the moves so the scenes can be filmed to the best standard possible.

Some action fights are filmed with extreme close-ups, fast, blurry camerawork and multiple edits that hide any difficulties that the cast have with the choreographed moves. For Dole Warriors, we’re keeping the camera in close but not so close that you can’t see the action properly – we want you to see all the work that the actors put into making the fights look truly awesome. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve come up with.








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