Dole Warriors Production Day 01

So yesterday marked the start of production with lead actor Danny Vincent playing the part of Ben Peters. This scene saw the Ben Peters character in his own home as the unwelcome TV network crew surprise him with some less than appealing news.

Although it was a very small scene to be filmed yesterday, it was fantastic to be getting started and the mood in the air is definitely one of excitement an anticipation for the production days to come. The scene itself makes up one of our secondary production days, the much bigger and more hectic days will follow in the coming 3-4 weeks.

Aside from the shoot itself the main priority now is the exciting rush to the finish line on the props, set and costumes. Having discussed the project at length for some time now, it’s great to be finally bringing the concepts, designs and scripts into reality, and when the actors step into the scene the story really starts to come to life. It may only have been a short scene and a small introduction to principle photography, but it’s fair to say that after months of planning and anticipation… Dole Warriors is alive at last.

Vic Hill – Director








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