For anyone who’s been following the progress of my latest project Waking Ed I thought I’d post a little progress update…

Well, we’re mid-production, with a bulk of the scenes already shot and only a couple more production days to go. The footage is looking great and some of it is already on the timeline, in edit. There are some pictures below of the the set we constructed for part of the shoot, and I’ll try and post a few more production stills when I liaise with my set photographer.

It’s really exciting to see it start to come together and take shape – certainly a weight off to know that all the plans are going to work! There’s still a lot to do and shoot before we get to post production, and then the hard work really begins.

If anyone is still interested in getting involved, I’ll shamelessly plug the Sponsor Page one more time, and tell everyone to check out the rewards listed down the right hand side of the page, for different pledges. So far we’ve had an awesome and really quick response and we’ve already met our target budget – Now we’re aiming for 150% completion before the time’s up, to give the post-production, broadcast and distribution of the film as good a chance as it can get!

I’d love to add a few more names to the sponsor credits, and aside from the rewards on offer for pledges, it’s a fun thing to be able to say you’re supporting. Thanks in advance to anyone who donates.

I’ll try and get another update online soon, but that’s all I’ve got time for this evening. Catch you later!


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