Personal Commissions

character commissions v bannerGeneral Information

Vic welcomes commissions for:

  • Original characters (from original texts, RPG’s etc.)
  • Fanart requests (from movies, comics, games, etc.)
  • Vic’s original characters (from her various comic works)

Once paid for and delivered, the commissioned image may be printed and/or redistributed anywhere for personal use, but may not be printed and/or redistributed for profit and must not be edited in any way*.  If you require a commissioned piece for profit or commercial use, then please consult the information on the Professional Commissions Page, or contact Vic to discuss specific terms for the commission.

* Cropping and resizing the image (for example, to use as an avatar) is perfectly fine. An image ‘Edit’ would constitute a change to the overall look of the image, e.g. adding lineart & drawing on top of it, editing colours or removing the signature & date. If in doubt, contact Vic for clarification.


All prices are in GBP.

Digital Pieces: 

Lineart only: £10          Cel Shaded: £15          Full Colour: £15

Traditional Pieces: 

A5, A4 and A5 sized, on 70gsm graphic paper with comic markers.

Prices are for a single character piece. Multiple character pieces are an additional £5 for each extra character.

Lineart only: (A5) £7      (A4) £12       (A3) £17

Cel Shaded: (A5) £12      (A4) £17       (A3) £22

Full Colour: (A5) £15      (A4) £20       (A3) £25

The price of postage and packing for traditional pieces will be additional, and will vary depending on individual postage requirements. Visit the Royal Mail price checker to check how much your required postage will cost.

If you have a question or would like a quote for work, visit the FAQ’s section for more information or contact Vic directly.
All images are copyright Victoria Hill unless otherwise stated.
You may not use any illustration for any purpose without written consent from the Artist.
For licensing / commission / or general inquiries please visit the Contact page.